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Facial Skincare
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Facial Skincare
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Tham gia: 25/11/21
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The much-talked-about facial device that can alleviate all signs of aging efficiently, quickly, and immediately. If you check out the reviews of people who use facial products, you'll find that there are an overwhelming number of reports about the benefits of using them.

Actually, I've heard that there are some unexpected benefits to using facial devices as well, so I did some thorough research on the details. What are some of the pitfalls and unexpected disadvantages of facial equipment?

Disadvantages of facial beauty devices

1) They can be costly

One of the advantages of a facial device is that it provides the same skin beautifying effects as an esthetician or clinic.
However, this skin beautifying effect is also a one-time cost that is supposed to be used over a long period of time. When you start using a facial device, you have to purchase the unit, which means that you have to bear the initial cost of the device.

The market price for a facial beauty device is in the 10,000 yen range at the lowest. If you combine this with the special gel and cosmetics, the cost will be even greater. If these items do not produce a satisfactory effect on the skin, the disadvantage of a large loss is worrisome.

2) Worried about allergies to your skin

Facial equipment is generally a type of product where the metal part touches your skin, right? Therefore, if you are allergic to metal accessories, you may be worried that using a facial device may cause an allergic reaction and worsen your skin problems.

Therefore, you will have to check the material of the facial device carefully, and there is a risk that the facial device you are interested in will not match your skin.

(3) It takes time and effort to use and get used to it

There are many different types of facial products available in the market. If you are using a facial device that allows serums, milky lotions, or gels to penetrate deep into the skin, you may need to use a special gel to fully experience the skin beautifying effects.

Gel can be a consumable item, or it can be a hassle to go out and buy it because it is only available at a limited number of stores. And then there are the many functions of facial equipment.

For women who are not mechanically inclined, not being able to operate the system smoothly may cause them to feel uncomfortable and risk not being able to continue using it.

The special gel that increases the effectiveness of the facial device is surprisingly expensive, costing more than buying ordinary cosmetics. This makes it difficult to keep buying them for a long time, and the frequency of using the facial device decreases.

4) The high effectiveness of skin care products

Most facial products are recommended to be used about twice a week, not every day. If you are concerned about the signs of aging and are in a hurry to get rid of them immediately, you may end up using it every day, which will increase the burden on your skin and add to the trouble of skin irritation.

Even if a facial device is claimed to be highly effective, if it does not match your skin, it means that the burden is too much.

The ion-introduction type, which is the most popular type of facial device, may break down the moisture on the surface of your skin, and there have been reports of problems with dryness getting worse.

Ultrasonic facial equipment is said to cause skin fatigue if used too much, and is hard on sagging and fat-free skin areas.

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